• Letter from the President
    of Global Digital Divide, Inc.
  • What About Them?

A lot of charities help those in the worst living conditions and those with the worst health conditions. We admire the work they do, but what about those who have their basic needs met but need just a little more help to compete in the modern world and enter the middle class? Our world is increasingly dependent on technology and those who do not have access to it fall further behind. We’d like to help these individuals but we need your help.

Food, which is needed daily, is expensive to transport and distribute. Medical care, which is needed often, is expensive to provide. I am happy that donors like you are so generous that these types of services and projects are well funded. They are worthy and very needed causes that deserve the bulk of global donations yearly. But I would also like to point out that modern technology is relatively cheap and your small donation can make the biggest difference to often overlooked individuals who are not poor enough to get most charities help but not rich enough to fund the upfront costs themselves.

As I’ve seen with my own eyes, those living in developing world conditions lack a decent infrastructure. Unfortunately, infrastructure projects are extremely expensive and take years to complete. What I experienced was seeing a few individuals bypass infrastructure problems with modern technology. With a mobile phone, tablet, notebook or desktop computer, people are able to live more in the virtual world. They are not stuck on a bus that takes half the day to reach the other side of the city. They are not subjected to as much crime and pollution. And best of all, they are now connected to the global modern world.

With inexpensive mobile phones, tablets and notebooks, they can learn about technology and the internet. Information that was normally hard to obtain is now at their finger tips. They can learn valuable skills that are increasing necessary to obtain work. They can work independently and earn extra cash to pay for their living expenses. Before they were limited by their infrastructure, but now, with your donation, they can bypass this.

We in the industrialized world use technology to our great benefit and don’t realize it. In the process have moved the divide wider. Give back and help give a school, an individual or groups the chance to live in the modern technological world we take for granted.

That being said, international charitable programs are still expensive to operate. Even those living in the industrialized world like the USA still need and would benefit from modern technology. So, Global Digital Divide, Inc. would like to use part of the donations sent to us to give to those in the USA who are most deserving and would benefit the most from this technology. With donated technology, injured or disabled firefighters, police officers and veterans can communicate with family and friends who are unable to make the trip to see them. Kids with cancer and other diseases who are stuck in hospital beds can do the same and get easy access to educational tools and entertainment. These are just a few of the examples of ways Global Digital Divide, Inc. can help close the divide, even in the USA.