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Yes, voice over jobs exist
There are many voice over jobs available at any given time.  The need for voices like yours is growing and more and more voice over work is out there.  When you join, you'll be able to pick from what's available now.
Yes, work from home
The best thing about being a voice over artist is not just the money you can make, but also the ability to do it from home using your computer, tablet or phone.  
Yes, anybody can do it
If you can speak and read in English from a script, you very likely can be a voice over artist.  It's really that simple!  Your voice is unique and valuable to companies that produce media for their websites.
Is This a Great Long-Term Opportunity?
If you're looking for a good part-time way to make money online and earn extra cash, then yes, it is.  Otherwise it will be hard to find enough voice over work to work full time and earn enough to live on full time.  The short answer is you probably don't want to quick your day job yet.  There's simply not enough voice over jobs out there for most people to do this full time.
Do I Have to Pay to Find Voice Over Jobs?
You don't have to, you can always search for them or for sites that list them.  With the internet and search, you can find anything if you know what you're doing and are patient enough.  Doing your own search is a great way to get started in doing voice over work to see if you enjoy the work and if there's enough out there to satisfy your needs.  After that, you decide you like it and have some extra cash in your pocket it is recommended you find a good site that has good and updated lists of jobs available that you need to pay for access.
What Other Opportunities Exist to Make Money Online?
If you're looking to replace your full time job and/or make a significant amount of money online, you'll need to do more than just voice over jobs.  They pay well most of the time but there's simply not enough work for most people to earn a good paying full time living.  Other ways to make money online to fill your time and make more money are paid surveys, managing business social media accounts and buying hot selling products at wholesale prices and selling online for profit.  There are many many more opportunities than these out there but these are a good way to start.  They're proven reliable ways of making money online.


So What is the Real Deal?
One of the main reasons why people turn down job offers is the fact that they struggle with transport or the fact that they have children whom they do not want to leave alone. This serves to be a problem in more than one way, but luckily there is a way for people to get out of that mind set without actually going outside at all. There is an easy way to make money online from the comfort of your own bedroom – even in your pyjamas if you want to!

Talking is something that we do on a regular basis and many of us have no problem with our voices. A laugh here and a scream there; it is all possible by means of our voice boxes. People can even pick up on our attitudes, values, and feelings but listening to the tone of our voice during a simple telephone conversation. All these things we do not realise and we actually tend to take it for granted. We basically forget how we manage to talk and tend to focus on what we are saying. It is thus highly probable that you didn’t think of using it as a way to earn extra money. 

Even if you have, you might have dismissed it as a pipedream. Only famous actors or people in high social circles can become voice over artists, right? Wrong! With the help of Vogenesis anyone on this planet can do voice over work and make money while they do it. This is the whole idea and perception that this company is based on: to provide ordinary people with a platform to make money and to have convenient working environments while they are doing it.  

There are many voice over jobs available that people create via the internet. As the worldwide web grows, so do these job openings. People are constantly making videos, audio clips, shooting television commercials, and even animated series on YouTube and the likes. You will find that there are an insurmountable number of people who are just waiting to be linked up with someone with that perfect tone, the perfect way of speaking, and the perfect personality. With the help of Vogenesis, this could just be you. Why should you be overlooked because you are part of the working class? You shouldn’t!

So laugh, shout, talk – get your voice on the air!


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