Spread the Word and Get Paid Cash

We’re running a super-simple referral program:

Get paid 20% on contributions by everyone you invite to our Indiegogo campaign page.

Huh? Yes, really. No limits, and we’re not talking about “credit towards perks” — this is real cash paid out to you by Paypal, Skrill, BTC or check. Here’s how it works:

How do I get started?

Sign into Indiegogo. If don’t have an account, create one here, look to the top right of the page for “Sign up”. You don’t even need to support the campaign (although we created a $1 Perk to promote this program) — but you must be logged in to receive credit for your referrals.

How do I get referral contributions?

Re-visit the Global Digital Divide Indiegogo campaign page (http://igg.me/at/globaldigitaldivide), where you’ll now find your unique sharing link to the left of our campaign video. Use that link to share the Global Digital Divide campaign on social media, email your friends and contacts, write a blog post, whatever you can think of. Get creative… Reddit, Stumble Upon, BuzzFeed and blogs can help greatly! Know a reporter? Even better!

How is this tracked? How do I get paid?

All the contributions from people who come in via your link are meticulously recorded by Indiegogo and you can keep track on your own personal dashboard too. Then, at the end of the campaign (plus 2 weeks to receive our funds), we’ll pay you using Paypal, Skrill, BTC or by check.

BONUS: Any referrer who brings in at least $1 in contributions, will automatically be enrolled in our 2015 $1,000 Raffle. See all details and Official Rules here.

I told you it’s simple – share our campaign and get paid. Seems like the best way we can show you our appreciation!

Read more about Referrals from Indiegogo here