Recycle Your Used Equipment

Donate Your Used Computer, Laptop or Tablet

Even though recycling your old computer, laptop or tablet is the right environmental choice, it’s still garbage and could be used for good. As long as it’s in good, working condition, somebody in need can use it. Wouldn’t you feel better about not recycling your device and instead donate it so it can get into the hands of a student who doesn’t have one, a school that doesn’t have any technology, a University student that could excel with a laptop? Don’t recycle your old computer, laptop or tablet, donate it to Gloal Digital Divide, Inc so we can give it to students and schools who have never had it.

What YOU Get

Knowing that a…

Donation of Phone can go to a family

Donation of Tablet can go to a classroom

Donation of Laptop can go to a University student

Donation of Desktop can go to a school





Don’t Recycle, Create Global Opportunities


Global Digital Divide’s mission is to help bridge the ‘global digital divide’ by providing new and used desktop computers, laptops and tablets to those in need. There are excess technological devices in the USA and Canada that often get dumped in the garbage or recycled. New models come out every year and most people upgrade when they can. Often, their old devices go unused or sent off to electronics recycling. These unwanted and unused phones, tablets and computers can go to someone who will use them and who most deserve to use them. Help a student succeed in today’s Internet and computer world. Give a tablet to a classroom of students who have never used one. What you replaced, what you no longer use or what you’re willing to just throw out has great value to our society’s most deserving. Recycling is a waste when there are so many people who could benefit. Once again, don’t recycle, donate.

Make a charitable donation of your used desktop computer, laptop, notebook, tablet, monitor or smart phone. Instead of recycling this equipment, you can donate it to Global Digital Divide, Inc. Upon receipt of your used devices, we will send you a receipt with the full, fair market value included. Please send all equipment to:

Global Digital Divide, Inc.
PO Box 33313
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420

In addition to helping a student or school in technological need, your donation is tax deductible as a charitable gift. Global Digital Divide, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity which means you can use your donation to deduct from your income and pay less in taxes.